Sacramento Autorama
Cal Expo
Adult admission will be $20 each day, children ages 6-12 are $10 each day and ages five and under are free. Parking will be $10 and located at the Main Gate and East Gate off of Exposition Blvd.

Life Cycle Of A Chicken
Today at 3:30
Cesar Chavez Central Library
605 N El Dorado St, Stockton

Urban Farming
How To Sprout Your Own Seedlings
New Mettle Farms
2308 Jeanine Dr., Modesto

Film “Loving Vincent”

Energy Vampire or Generator?
Things that drain your energy:
1. Worrying (Making mountains out of molehills)
2. Eating junk food
3. Clutter (harder to focus, harder for your brain to
process information)
4. Being overscheduled (can’t say no)
5. Dehydration

Things that help you to generate energy:
1.Gentle exercise
2.Healthy foods
4.Regular sleep pattern
5.Stay hydrated

Flapjacks Plus
Purple Pig Eats Catering

2018 Lunar Flower Fest
February 17th & 18th
SF Supermarket
4562 Mack Rd, Sacramento

Cosmic Garden
Saturday Feb. 17th
Bella Bru Cafe 7pm

Saturday Feb. 24th
Woodcreek Jazz Festival

Lego Robotics
GVA Charter Homeschool

Empire’s Comics Vault
1120 Fulton Avenue, Suite K

Barsetti Vineyards Floral Class
18 FEB — 2 – 4 pm. Price includes a glass of wine.

Manly Minute: Men!!! Eat this Instead


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