SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A confessed cop killer was kicked out of court for the last time on Wednesday. The judge issued an order removing Luis Bracamontes from the courtroom for the remainder of his trial.

The move is something Bracamontes had wanted.

Luis Bracamontes has confessed to killing members of the Sacramento and Placer County Sheriff’s departments during a 2014 chase and shootout.

While in custody, the illegal immigrant from Mexico has continued to make threats.

“I will break out soon, and I will kill more,” said Bracamontes during opening statements last week.

On Wednesday, Bracamontes lashed out once again, calling the trial a waste of time and shouting 23 expletives at the people involved.

According to court transcripts, he said, “[Expletive] the jury, too, and the dead cops and their stupid families.”

bracamontes transcript F    You, Judge: Confessed Cop Killers 23 Expletive Rant Gets Him Booted From Court

Bracamontes was eventually removed from the courtroom, but said “[Expletive] you judge,” before his exit.

“Even though this gentleman doesn’t want the due process, he’s going to get it,” said Allen Sawyer, a defense attorney, and former prosecutor.

Sawyer says there are safeguards in place to ensure capital punishment is used appropriately.

“He can’t choose to be executed because he is frustrated with the circumstances he finds himself,” said Sawyer.

Bracamontes has been found to be mentally able to stand trial so claiming insanity isn’t an option.

“You still have to understand why and whether or not there are any mitigating circumstances that would prevent us from executing him,” explained Sawyer.

The judge ordered Bracamontes to watch the remainder of the trail on video monitors in a secluded room.

“You would never as a defense attorney want your client secluded from the jury,” he said.

It’s a move that Sawyer says may have a lasting impact on the jury.

“To not have to face the person that you ultimately would be sending to the death chamber is a problem,” said Sawyer.