CBS Local — Looking for that perfect name for your future son or daughter? A British recruiting firm claims that certain names tend to have a much more successful track record and may be worth their weight in gold when those kids grow up.

A study of over 500,000 resumes submitted to The Knowledge Academy looked at the most common first names parents had given their children and compared those popular choices to what each name made as an average salary.

According to the findings, parents of an “Oscar” or a “George” will be happy to know their sons had the highest future average salary. Oscars reportedly averaged $52,846 annually, with the Georges coming in second with a yearly paycheck of around $52,225. The most popular boys’ name, Oliver, finished third among males with a future average salary of $49,700.

For the girls, researchers found that the more popular first names actually didn’t fare as well in the business world. The most popular choice for girls, Olivia, had the lowest annual salary compared to the other names on the Academy’s list. Olivias reportedly make $36,378 a year; far less than girls named Amelia, Ella, Isabella, and Lily. Lily, the top earner among women, earned an average of $43,105 per year, showing there was a still a large gender pay gap regardless of a baby’s name.

The study added that many people also use different tactics when it comes to how they present their name in the working world. Dr. Frank Nuessel cited previous studies that found that men using nicknames improve their job prospects, while the opposite was true for women. Men also use abbreviations to seem more open and friendly, while female CEOs like to use their full name to “project a more professional image,” Dr. Nuessel explains.