(CBS13) – Salvador Garcia Jr., the ex-boyfriend of Karen Garcia, whose body was found in her car Sunday in a Woodland Parking lot, spoke with CBS13 the day after she was reported missing.

Salvador has since been named as a suspect in her death and was being sought by police.

Below is the full interview with CBS13’s Macy Jenkins and Salvador Garcia:

Macy: So what’s running through your mind right now?

Salvador: A lot…can’t process what’s actually going on just. Trying to figure out anything.

Macy: Any idea where Karen is?

Salvador: No idea. I’ve just put together what we’ve been told where everybody else that knows…Just trying to put it together, but not much.

Macy: Any leads from police?

Salvador: No. I’ve talked to police officers and all they’re doing is putting out flyers. So far they’ve put out the vehicle and everything.

Macy: Is this of character for her? I mean, does she go off sometimes?

Salvador: No not, not like this. And to miss work, that’s never like her. She’s always there.

Macy: And you have a child together.

Salvador: Yes.

Macy: What kind of mother is she? I mean, would she ever leave her baby?

Salvador: No, no. She loved her daughter. She is our number one priority always.

Macy: What’s your daughter’s name?

Salvador: Avianna.

Macy: Avianna?

Salvador: Yeah.

Macy: And how old is she?

Salvador: She just turned 2 in December.

Macy: So what do you do now?

Salvador: Right now I work and I trying staying strong for her…I try my best to stay strong.

Macy: Are you going to go along with them and search for her?

Salvador: Yes.

Macy; Where are you going to look next?

Salvador: From messages other people received, she went to Roseville. So we’re going to go check out — it’s big, but we’re going to cover places where we know she’s gone.

Macy: Thank you for talking me Sal, I hope you find her. I really do. I can’t imagine. I didn’t to ask you: when’s the last time you saw her? Monday. Monday morning.

Macy: So Monday morning. Did you see her when she was leaving the apartment?

Salvador: Yes, she got in her car and she took off.

Macy: How did she seem?

Salvador: Just in a rush to get out.

Macy: Did she say where she was going?

Salvador: No she just said, “well, I’m taking off.” I bet she was going to her mom’s house and I didn’t hear anything from her ’til, like, 6. I just, I told her I was in a drop off baby with her mom. She said “OK.” That was the last thing.

Macy: And that was via text or on the phone? So you said, “I’m going to drop off the baby.” She said, “OK that was it.”

Macy: Yes

Salvador: And the next day I tried calling…sent her a message to let her know her mom was worried. No reply. Tried calling her multiple times throughout the day. No response. Phone rings but nothing.

Macy: Thank you, Sal.