SACRAMENTO (CBS) – U.S. Immigration Agents raided nearly 100 7-Eleven convenience stores early Wednesday. It was the largest such raid since President Donald Trump took office.

On Wednesday night at St. Marks United Methodist Church in Sacramento, a small group is working on ways to help undocumented people in their neighborhood.

“We’ve been very concerned with the fear within the immigrant community,” said Sharon Meyer, a member of the church group.

They offer workshops and coordinate legal services for immigrants working to attain citizenship.

“The process is hard. Sometimes there is no pathway for certain people,” said Angela Velazquez.

She also works with immigrants and says she was discouraged to learn about a recent federal immigration raid.

“You never know when one of your loved ones is going to be gone the next day,” said Velazquez.

ICE agents went to 98 7-Eleven store locations nationwide including one in Suisin City on Sunset Avenue. Agents asked workers for documentation. Twenty-one people were arrested.

7-Eleven released a statement saying they “take immigration laws seriously.” And that each store owner is responsible for checking the immigration status of their employees.

“ICE is doing its job and I support that,” said California Gubernatorial candidate Doug Ose.

He sees no problem with the increased ICE enforcement.

“Those who are here illegally, in this case, some 20 odd people, are occupying jobs that ought to be going to citizens and legal residents,” said Ose.

ICE deputy director Thomas Homan said in a statement, “ICE will continue its efforts to protect jobs for American workers by eliminating unfair competitive advantages for companies that exploit illegal immigration.”

And a top ICE official told the Associated Press that more large-scale raids are to come. It’s an unsettling tone for some seeking sanctuary in America.

“Nobody wants to be afraid of being gone the next day,” said Velazquez, “That they’re not going to see their dad. That they’re not going to see their children.”