SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – There is a new name in the race for California Governor: an outspoken ally of President Trump and a familiar face for people in the Sacramento region.

Former Congressman Doug Ose filed papers Friday to run for Governor and spoke to CBS13’s Steve Large about the decision.

Large spoke one-on-one with Ose at the candidate’s Sacramento County home.

“Are you going to be taking any tips from President Trump on campaigning for your governor race?” Large asked.

“I take input from so many people,” Ose said. “I would welcome President Trump’s support.”

Ose entered this race knowing his work on President Trump’s campaign would draw lots of attention.

“I think Trump’s doing a good job, and I think the tax bill that just passed has been great,” Ose said.

Ose insists his run for governor will not center on the President’s agenda and will focus on what he calls restoring the California dream.

“Our K-through-12 schools are failing half the kids, our freeways suck,” Ose said.

Ose enters a race with a field of candidates who have already amassed some powerful war chests. Gavin Newsom leads all candidates with $19 million in campaign contributions.

“I intend to have enough,” Ose said. “If I don’t then I have to deal with it.”

A Sacramento-based company called Political Data released projections that a Republican candidate is likely to win a spot in the general election runoff.

Ose has read the analysis.

“I’m comfortable with the data I’m looking at that shows me a path,” Ose said.

As for whether the President will get involved with Ose’s campaign?

“Are you hopeful President Trump will tweet an endorsement,” Large asked?

“There’s no question President Trump knows how to tweet, there’s no question his tweets certainly have circulation,” Ose said. “I have not inquired in favor of a tweet. I haven’t talked to President Trump since he was here in Sacramento.”

Ose’s announcement comes with 150 days until the primary election.

His first campaign stop is scheduled for Sunday at USC.

Ose, 62, represented the Sacramento area in Congress from 1999 to 2005 and unsuccessfully challenged Democratic U.S. Rep. Ami Bera in 2014.