ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville business known for giving back is now being forced to close after thieves broke in for the second time in as many years.

Paradise Media Center owner Brian Barnes says, $40,000 of equipment has been stolen in the two heists. The most recent burglary occurred last week.

“It really made me mad,” Barnes said.

The photo studio is part of Barnes financial company that he’s used for years to help donate equipment to charities, nonprofits, and everyday people re-entering the workforce.

“We’ve done headshots for battered women returning to work and single moms,” Barnes said. “I just do it to give back to the community, because I get a lot from the community.”

Roseville police are investigating. Business break-ins were up during the holidays.

“Yeah we’re seeing a lot of this in the businesses where during the holiday season, they’re not open,” Roseville Police officer Carlos Cortes said.

A photo studio that had been open to the community now forced closed by criminals.

“It’s hard to give when you don’t have that equipment to help people,” Barnes said.

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