KNIGHTS LANDING (CBS13) – More than a dozen students said they were feeling ill after a coolant leak on a bus taking them to school in Knights Landing Monday morning.

The Woodland Joint Unified School District says a heater hose on a bus headed to Sci-Tech ruptured, spilling cooling in the bus. Some students got the coolant on their backpacks, jackets and or shoes.

An ambulance was called to the scene to check on the students. Medics and school nurses say all the students on the bus were checked out and none were found to have ingested any chemicals; still, a few students have been taken to the hospital to be looked at further at the request of their parents.

A total of 13 students reported feeling a little woozy, a deputy at the scene said. There were more than 80 students on the bus.

The school is contacting the families of the students affected.