Daily List: More Stuffed Than the Turkey? 3 Ways to Keep Holiday Eating Under Control
Don’t end up more stuffed than the turkey! On the Daily List, Marianne has three ways to keep holiday eating under control!
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Backpack Kid
Who could forget the famous ‘backpack kid’ who stole the show at Katy Perry’s SNL performance earlier this year?!! We can’t. So we got him to come do his thing live on the good day stage!

Performing Tonight During Kings Halftime Show
Game Time: 7pm vs. Portland Trailblazers
Golden 1 Center
Tickets Online
Backpack Kid’s Instagram

Disney Icon Margaret “Tinker Bell” Kerry
She was the inspiration behind the original Tinker Bell in the acclaimed Disney film “Peter Pan” and today, the capital city is a-glow with pixie dust!! We’re live as tink touches down in Sacramento to preview a special book signing and fan event at Stage Nine!

Saturday & Sunday, 12-4pm
Stage Nine Entertainment Store
102 K Street, Old Sacramento

Operation Xmas Child
Operation Xmas Child is put on by Samaritan’s Purse, a non-profit that helps around the world in times of disaster, providing food, water, shelter, medicine, and other assistance.
Drop-off locations

Win a Trip to Hawaii With The Kachet Life
There’s no need to pack your entire house for holiday travel plans. Our lifestyle expert will show you how to pack one bag even if you’re going to Europe for 10 days. It’s all about the essentials! She even wants to take you with her on a trip to paradise. We’ve got the details!

Instagram: @thekachetlife
Online: http://www.thekachetlife.com

Day in the Life of a Postal Worker
Ever wondered what it’s like to spend a day delivering the mail? It never stops!!! We’re teaming up with the USPS to learn the ropes and meet some dedicated local employees, including a man who just achieved the status of a million mile driver!


U.S. Postal Service Releases Annual Dog Attack City Rankings:

Sacramento Letter Carrier Logs a Million Accident-Free Miles Without Ever Leaving the City Limits

Insulate for Winter
As we prepare for the colder temps, now is the crucial time to ensure your home’s heating system is up to snuff. This morning we are at a home in Natomas with the owner of JR Putman to learn tips and tricks to heat effectively and efficiently.

Call for 24/7 service
(916) 638-2442

Justice League
The “Justice League” movie is out today, people! What comics should you check out before seeing the mega movie? Cody joins Ben Schwartz to learn about what comics will get us ready for the big movie! Cody will also check in with the members of the capeless crusaders to learn about their podcast.

For Ben Schwartz

For Capeless Crusaders

Santa Suggestions: Foothill Feed & Gift
Multiple viewers have suggested we visit Foothill Feed & Gift!!! So we’re heading to Loomis!

3293 Taylor Rd.

64th Annual Causeway Classic
The 64th annual Causeway Classic is tomorrow! We’re getting hyped up with the Green Arm, Herky, cheerleaders, and dancers!

Hornet Stadium
Sacramento State
2:05pm Kickoff



Manly Minute: 5 Things About the Causeway Classic
The Causeway Classic is the annual college football game between the Sacramento State Hornets and the UC Davis Aggies in the United States. The teams exchange a Causeway Classic Trophy made from cement taken from the Yolo Causeway.


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