Daily List: 3 Ways to Get More Steps In
Are you obsessed with getting more steps into your day and making your fitness tracker happy? Then your desk job may be cutting into your standing and walking time. Every 90 minutes you should stand up and stretch a little — but if you’re largely desk-bound from 9 to 5, you need to get creative!
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Pet Photos
From now until December 1, Eleakis and Elder Photography is offering free mini portrait session with your dog (or cat) to benefit Front Street Animal Shelter. All you have to do is donate $20 or a bag of dog food. People can schedule an appointment by emailing or calling the studio. We are doing our own photo shoot this morning.

Eleakis and Elder Photography
4625 Freeport Blvd.
(916) 451-4892

Friends of Folsom Turkey Drop
This Thanksgiving, help Friends of Folsom provide 3,000 turkeys for families in need in our community. Donations will be used to purchase frozen turkeys for Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services’ annual Turkey Drive.


Christian Brothers Students Bring Life to Classic Tragedy
Hamlet is the latest theatre production to take the stage and we are going behind the scenes!

November, 10-11, 17-18 at 7pm
Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students

Jordan the Science Wizard
Jordan is a wild man who loves him some science! He will teach us some sciency things and try his best not to blow up the station while doing so.

Chimney Sweeping
Santa is coming to town and you want to make sure your chimney is ready for him to slide down. Mike’s Mobile Screen & Chimney Service is showing us the ropes and learning how often you should have your chimney cleaned.

Mike’s Mobile Screen & Chimney Service
9941 Horn Rd.
1 (877) 520 – 3595

Candace Corey Beauty
Style and beauty expert Candace Corey is back with games and hacks.

Dishin’ With Tina: Cattle Rustlers
7040 Sunrise Blvd.
Citrus Heights

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar
Lazy Dog is setting up its second shop in Roseville! The restaurant and bar in the Palladio in Folsom is such a success that owners decided to open another location.

Opens Today at 11 a.m.
238 Gibson Dr.

Manly Minute: The Deck of Cars Workout
It’s harder to get to the gym in the winter months, so do it at home and work or in close quarters. Fifty-two Pick Up has never been this much fun.
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