The Daily List: Home Seller Letters
It’s a seller’s real estate market these days — with lots of buyers competing for the same property. So as a buyer, how do you set yourself apart? You might want to brush up on your old-fashioned letter-writing skills. On the Daily List this morning, we’re showing you three tips to writing a good letter to a home seller!
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Elizabeth Smart
It’s been 15 years since her kidnapping and was one of the most followed child abduction cases of our time. Elizabeth serves as the producer and narrator of the Lifetime original movie, “I am Elizabeth Smart,” starring Skeet Uulrich, Deirdre Lovejoy and Alana Boden. It tells the story of her nine-month captivity at the hands of religious fanatic Brian David Mitchell.

Custom Boots
Famous Footwear just opened their newest location in the Delta Shores Center! The grand opening festivities continue! This weekend, buy any Bearpaw and a local artist will customize it!

Delta Shores
8176 Delta Shores Circle South
Alex’s art at

Makeup Mythbusters
We’re learning the ABCs of foundation! Ashy?! Blotchy?! Cakey? Earlier this month we showed you how to avoid raccoon eye. Today we have quick fixes for faulty foundation application!!

Belleci Cosmetics
(925) 648-4011

How Colors Effect Grocery Shopping
Does color influence your grocery shopping! The answer is yes! (unless you’re colorblind.) We’ll show you how certain colors and packaging impact shopping habits!! The truth will set you free!

Red: Appetizing
Yellow: Makes You Happy
Green: Natural, Healthy
Orange: Satisfy
Blue: Unnatural, Weight Loss
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Thanksgiving on a Dime!
Thanksgiving on a dime!! Think it’s not possible! Think again! We’re putting grocery outlet to the ultimate test to see if we can shop for an entire turkey day spread without breaking the bank!

Giada Valenti
Our favorite award-winning Venetian vocalist will be here to sing a bit and whip up an Italian dessert for us! She will be in Sacramento next week for a concert at The Crest Theatre. Recipe is below.

Saturday, Nov. 18
The Crest 7:30pm
Tickets start at $31.50

Italian Chocolate Salami

2 Eggs
3 Spoons of sugar
4 Spoons 100% cocoa powder (natural unsweetened)
4 oz. Butter (room temperature)
40 ml Rum
Powdered sugar (to decorate)
7 oz of Tea Biscuits, like Maria Cookies.


1. Start by taking the biscuits and cut them roughly with your hands in a bowl. Better do it by hand to avoid to pulverize them.
2. Beat the two eggs.
3. Add to the eggs the butter at room temperature in small pieces and mix it with sugar using electric mixer or hand whisk.
4. Flavor it with the rum.
5. Add the cocoa powder and keep beating with your electric or hand whiskers until you get a light and creamy mixture.
6. Add the chopped biscuits to the chocolate and mix the compound gently.
7. Transfer the dough to a sheet of slightly humid baking paper, with the spatula distribute the dough to create a sausage. Lift one of the two ends of the sheet, bring it to the center and roll the salami until it is completely wrapped in the baking sheet. Fold the two side paper flaps so that the sausage is well closed. Place the salami on a tray and leave it in the refrigerator to solidify for a full night.

Tip : after one hour gently roll the salami and turn it, so that it is round on all sides, like a true salami.

8. Once the chocolate salami has settled down, sprinkle with the powdered sugar. Cut your salami into slices and it’s ready to be served.

P.S. If you want to make it for your children, skip the Rum and add orange juice.

Flix in Motion – New Photo Experience
You know we love to take pictures! If you’re having a party, there is a new device to take your photo experience to the next level!

Placer Food Bank Turkey Drive
WestPark Veterans Club will have 27 members on hand to help collect turkeys from folks who drive through with donations. Two of these members are World War II vets. The club has a quilted banner that will be on display.

Roseville Automall
Today, 7am-2pm

First Santa Photos
Get your first photos with Santa at Arden Fair November 10th – December 24th. Arden Fair even allows you reserve your spot online so you don’t have to wait in a long line to meet the jolly ol’ man!

Manly Minute: 5 Tips For Manly Meal Prep
The body thrives under a regimented, consistent approach. Repetition leads to automatic decision making, which is what you want when you’re drained from making decisions all day in your work and family life. You need to know what your meals are going to look like for the week or day ahead, or you’re bound to fail. Without a plan, you’ll succumb to the temptations of the work potluck or nearest fast food joint.
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Thanksgiving on a Dime (Courtesy of Grocery Outlet)

Grocery Outlet included the price/serving per package info, then broke it down for a single serving. Grocery Outlet included the cost of items for making the dishes too, i.e. butter, milk, celery, onion.

1. 14# Norbest frozen turkey $7.99 after $10 off coupon with a $30 purchase. This is 57 cents per pound. Elsewhere $1.35 per pound. Single serving = .57

2. Princella Canned yams 29 oz. canned yams $1.99 5 servings, elsewhere price $3.99 Single serving = .40

3. Sweet Frost frozen mixed vegetables 16 oz. $.99 5 servings, elsewhere price $1.79 single serving = .20

4. Humbolt Organic milk 1 qt. $1.99 4 servings, elsewhere price $3.29 single serving = .50

5. Darigold Butter 1 lb. $3.50 32 servings, elsewhere price $6.99 single serving = .11

6. Quality farms frozen whip topping 8 oz. .99 25 servings, elsewhere $2.59 single serving = .04

7. Grandmas Turkey gravy pkt. .67 oz. 4 servings, .50. elsewhere $1.29 single serving = .13

8. Mrs. Smiths pumpkin pie 37 oz. 8 servings $3.99 elsewhere $6.99 single serving = .50

9. Mrs. Cubbinsons Stuffing 12 oz. 10 servings $1.99 elsewhere $2.99 single serving = .20

10. Russet potatoes 5# 12 servings $1.99 elsewhere $2.99 single serving= .17

11. Ocean Spray Cranberry sauce 1 gal. 41 servings $2.99 elsewhere price $5.99 single serving = .08

12. LeeLin Hawaiian rolls 24 pack/servings $3.99 elsewhere $6.99 single serving = .17

13. organic celery stalks, 8 servings $1.29 elsewhere $1.99 single serving .16

14. single onion 8 servings .50 elsewhere .99 single serving = .06

15. Martinellis apple cider 25.4 oz. 3 servings elsewhere $3.49 single serving = .66

16. Swansons chicken broth 32 oz. 4 servings $1.99 elsewhere $3.99 single serving = .50

17. mini marshmallows 10 oz. 9 servings .89 elsewhere 1.29 single serving .10

18. Jiffy foil roasting pan .99 elsewhere $1.99

Total single serving: $4.55
$4.55x 4= $18.20 ( family of 4)


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