Daily List: 4 Things Never to Pass Up at a Thrift Store
Marianne talks about some of the best stuff you can find at thrift stores.
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Global Winter Wonderland
Global Winter Wonderland, the magical world of light spanning 17 acres at Cal Expo, kicks off its fourth year in Sacramento with an exciting new theme – Celebrate Holidays Around The World!

Opens Saturday, Nov. 11 and runs through January 7.
At Cal Expo

Screen Time or Storytime?
Mommy?! Daddy?! iPad?! A child’s first words can speak volumes! In this digital era, seeing kids, toddlers and even babies manipulate and — more importantly — make sense of how a mobile device works is nothing new. How have kids been affected by media? Are American families replacing storytime with screen time?

Fastest in the NFL: Darrell Green
He was the fastest man in the NFL for more than a decade! Does hall-of-famer Darrell Green still have it?! Darrell is one of the greatest cornerbacks to ever play the game and now he’s giving back to kids!! We’ll find out his work with the Strong Youth, Strong Communities program!

Strong Youth, Strong Communities
Today at 4 p.m.
Sacramento Convention Center

I’m Cute…Adopt Me!
Sacramento SPCA
Adoptions Wed-Sun: 11am – 6pm
6201 Florin-Perkins Road

CBS13/SPCA Relay Team
CBS 13 has partnered up with the Sacramento SPCA to run the California International Marathon on Dec. 3rd. The CBS13/SSPCA Relay Running Team consists of Drew Bollea & Lisa Meadows-CBS and Marnie Musser & Allison Kidd-SSPCA raising money for the Sacramento SPCA. We have a website for donations-all proceeds go to the SSPCA.

Toolbelt & Coveralls
Toolbelt Tina & Coveralls Court are learning about how to install a ceiling fan! Should we be concerned about the electrical issues that could arise?

3555 El Camino Ave.
(916) 482-1900

Las Vegas Shooting Survivor
A local woman who survived the Las Vegas shooting shares her story and tell us about an upcoming benefit concert.

Strikes Halftime Bar
5681 Lonetree Blvd. Rocklin
General Admission $25.00, VIP $50.00

Manly Minute: Dating At The Grocery Store
Dating at the supermarket is still a thing. But how do you do it properly? The Queen of Dating, Jenn-B, will join us to assist men in making the proper hook up as you check out.
Learn more | https://cortibrothers.com


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