SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s a dangerous stretch of roadway in South Sacramento that’s been called a hotspot for pedestrian deaths.

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors voted to spend $1.6 million to finally install sidewalks on a mile-long stretch of Power Inn Road, south of Florin Road. The road feels more like an expressway with big trucks frequently driving 55 miles-per-hour as pedestrians walk along a dirt path that runs along it.

Kathy Bracy lives next to Power Inn Road and keeps her grandchildren away from it.

“Basically you have to stay on the dirt area away from the traffic. If not, you accidentally might end up getting bumped,” Bracy said.

Now the road will be getting a million-dollar makeover to get rid of this accident waiting to happen.

“It’s an accident that has happened; unfortunately, there have been fatalities,” Supervisor Patrick Kennedy said.

He pushed for the money to build sidewalks and bike lanes after a number of crashes involving pedestrians.

“You’re within a foot or two of semi-trucks, going 55 miles-per-hour, and there’s nowhere for you to be,” Kennedy said.

CBS13 covered this deadly crash on Power Inn Road that killed a pedestrian in December of 2015.

“I’m telling you, one the scariest things I’ve done is walked that stretch,” Kennedy said.

Families who live near this Power Inn Road pedestrian danger zone are finally getting sidewalks to feel safer.

Construction is set to begin early next year.