Daily List: 3 Tips For Creating A Holiday Spending Plan
If you’re rolling your eyes, hold it right there. A little planning now — even an hour — can save you a lot of stress, money and time later on when you’d rather enjoy the holiday season. On the Daily List this morning, we’ll show you 3 Tips For Creating A Holiday Spending Plan!
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Look at Me, I’m New: Strapping

Save Before Christmas: Money
There are 47 days until Christmas and if you are looking at your bank account and wondering how you are going to do it, we want to help you out! We are with a financial advisor from Genovese Burford & Brothers to give you some tips on how you can save money.

Genovese Burford & Brothers
(916) 924-7527

Beer & Religion
A new brewery in Manteca is creating quite the buzz among churchgoers in the Central Valley! Linda Mumma is live at Brethren Brewing Company with how pastors are combing beer with Jesus!

Brethren Brewing Company
303 E. Yosemite Avenue

Cristela Alonzo
The hilarious Cristela Alonzo is chatting with us live to celebrate the DVD/Blu-Ray release of “Cars 3” (comes out today).

Coats on a Float Prep
Coats on a float?! Say whaaaaaat? One of the floats participating in this Saturday’s Veterans Day Parade in Folsom is collecting coats to donate to the needy this winter!! Today we’re helping them build their float!

Coats on a Float Drive
Folsom Veterans Day Parade
Saturday, Nov. 11
Parade Starts 9am

Olive Oil Harvest Press
It’s harvesting/pressing/bottling season for Bariani Olive Oil up the road in Zamora. This morning we are live with Sebastian Bariani getting the full experience — from tree to press to bottle.
(530) 666-1563

Save Before Christmas: Meal Planning
You have a month and a half to save before Christmas. Why not start meal prepping and using the mix and match method to make the menu? The Ditch the Drive-Thru mom is here to help us out!

Page Six TV
Weeknights at 6pm
Right here, on CW31

Kinsey’s Corner: Covering Up Baby Bumps
Today, we’ll show you every creative way Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian may have covered up their baby bumps.
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Vegan Holidays
We’re showing you dishes that even non-vegans at your holiday dinner party will enjoy.

Facebook: The Struggling Vegan
Twitter: @TheStrugglingV
Recipe: Potato and Garlic Mash

Manly Minute: 5 Creepy Things Men Do
When you’re meeting a woman for the first time, it shouldn’t be hard to strike up a simple conversation that doesn’t weird her out. Unfortunately, some guys seem to be missing the mark. That’s the only possible conclusion we can draw from a recent Reddit thread that asked: “Women, what are common ways unfamiliar men make you uncomfortable or creeped out?” The questioned garnered thousands of responses with tales of intolerable behavior from men, and we’ve collected some of them here so you can make sure you never, ever follow in their footsteps.
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