SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An Elk Grove man says his life was almost taken by a security guard during a night of dancing.

It happened at the former Parlare Euro Lounge in Downtown Sacramento before that club shut its doors for good. Now, several patrons are suing.

“Life has never been the same ever since this happened.”

Leroy Iyere says his life almost ended last April, when he claims he was brutally beaten by a bouncer at downtown Sacramento’s Parlare Euro Lounge.

“Hit me so hard again, that I just gave up,” said Iyere.

It happened during his sister’s birthday celebration. Iyere says a security guard started harassing a man in the group about his hat and then put that man in a choke hold until he passed out. Cellphone video then shows him being dragged out of the club. That’s when the man’s girlfriend, Nakia Vaughn, claims she too was attacked by a guard, choked and dragged downstairs by her hair.

“It’s a long flight of stairs and I felt every step that I hit,” said Vaughn.

When Iyere defended the woman, he says the bouncers turned on him.

“They hit me so much that I passed out.”

Iyere suffered a shattered eye socket and a broken nose. He now has metal plates in his face and permanent damage.

“I cannot feel the right part of my lips anymore.”

Iyere, Vaughn and three others are now suing the owner of the club on multiple allegations, including assault and negligent hiring.

Attorney Daniel Del Rio said, “You’re not protecting the public at this point. You are the threat.”

It’s not the first time violence erupted at Parlare. In August, four months after the fight, the club’s liquor license was revoked following a shooting that injured two people.

Bryan Harrison is also representing the alleged victims.

“This establishment is essentially a public nuisance.”

CBS13 reached out to the owner of the nightclub for a response but did not hear back. The property owner is also being sued in the case, and attorneys say they plan to name the individual security guards as soon as they can identify who they are.