CBS13 and Good Day are creating a viewer panel, and we want you to join!

The stations are gathering a group of dedicated viewers who are willing to provide their feedback on a variety of topics, from >story ideas to thoughts on commercials. It’s free to join, and for every survey you take, you can earn points towards $5 and $15 Amazon gift cards. You can do as many surveys as you like, but the more you do, the more we get to hear your feedback and make sure the content we’re providing is something that resonates with you.

So please take a moment to sign up!  The panel is ready for you.

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Comments (29)
  1. Patricia says:

    Love the weeks and show especially with the staff you have on today. Always love Tina, Camby not so much as anchor.

  2. Irene Jones says:

    Hello i would like to say “THANK YOU” for helping me to get a move on with what little life i have left. I love watching you all early in the mornings befor going to work as a Volunter n even when i’m not working as one. Miss Tina you have been very encouraging to me with your signs of “Encouraging Words” , has not always been easy less more acceptable [some of them] to me but, “I Truly Appreciate Them When I See Them” some times i have to say [if she would just move over some i can see what the word is for the day] believe it or not i think you hear me and do just that i live in Elk Grove but i do believe you hear me. All of You All are very encouraging to me just watching you all work together as you do laugh tell jokes n do other things together helps me to be able to get a move on and a brighter out look on some of Life. “THANK YOU CW31” miss irene

  3. Alan Hart says:

    May want to keep this off the air . BUT your sound crew REALLY needs to install a “mute Julissa Laugh” button. I cringe whenever she lets go. like:
    “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog Toto too!!!

  4. John A Howard says:

    Good morning. I would just like to say that Les Schwab already gives free pre-trip safety checks and flat tire repair. They need to give something other than what they already give for free.

  5. Eric says:

    My family would like to know Marianne Mc Clary is. We miss seeing her

  6. Norma says:

    where is Candi Brown I have not seen her in serval days? I hate it when you bring in new reporters, your shows have a huge turn over in reporters, as a loyal watcher you have changed so many reporters that I beginning to wonder if I should serious think to watching another channel. people make mistakes so what ? Like Doug, Mark, ect, I not Judging them, so what move move on don’t fire them…..

  7. Mo says:

    Does anyone else have problems watching Goodday on their tablet or phone? I can watch everything else but Goodday.

  8. Dan Cota says:

    I hope Marianne comes back soon. Miss the intelligence and maturity she brings, then Julissa can be sent back out to do her fluff pieces.

  9. Steve says:

    I joined the “panel” to provide feedback about the show (which we like for the most part), but only get requests to make comments on the commercials. Curious whether this isn’t just a way to get focus group opinions for free.

  10. Paul Roybal says:

    Ch 13/31 must be having financial problems. Your on air personell are getting a little thin. SAP where are you?

  11. av japan says:

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  12. BRENDA COPES says:

    I love this show but they don’t have a sports segment. they only do local like the RiverCats

  13. Dan Cota says:

    Another one leaving? Crew is getting very thin, one reporter during the week now, Cambi, and one on weekends, Alisha. Show is getting sillier than it used to be. Less and less news coverage.

  14. Love the show. Wondering if you have a ‘consumer protection’ segment like Call Kurtis? If you do, I have a doozie of a story to share. Would hate to see others get ripped off like we did, and if there is a way to get the facts out to help others from being hurt, I’d love to do that. Thank you.

  15. Michael T Reed says:

    Why do you play commercials on the live stream while the show is on usually during the news and not during the commercials? You cut out mid story and it’s so annoying. Fire that person who’s responsible…

  16. Beverly Berlin says:

    Just curious why no one Questions how fire’s are started as WE see people with Cigerettes Hanging out their windows or FLICKING them out the same.!!

  17. myrna arens says:

    Hello, to everyone on GoodDay as I watch every morning while I wait for my little granddaughter to arrive to start our day! I wanted to ask a question: What is happening for people with Severe Chronic pain, now that they are cutting the medication to almost nothing? I am one along with my sister who has Cirrhosis stage 4 whom are left in pain 24/7 now? Can you Please check into it for us as the pain they have left us with is too great to bare and no where to get answers!
    God Bless, Sweetpickles09

  18. Patty says:

    where is Ken an Bethany?? They are so enjoyable in the morning. I like Dina as well but bring back Ken and Bethany…..I might just have to leave the morning show as well

  19. Marilyn l Ralston says:

    Where is Ken?

  20. Karen says:

    Were is ken

  21. Joyce Zervas says:

    I would like to say that I enjoy watching Good Day. Please let Cambi know that she needs to dial down on her sexual innuendos. This type of discussion is not appropriate for a family newscast. Tina seems embarrassed about it too. Also, it is not a good idea to have Cambi pick from bag A or B to see if she will like a certain food. She seems ridiculous when she gets a garbage can and says she is going to throw up after a bite of a carrot , Cambi to me looks anemic already and doesn’t need to let Sacramento viewers know that all she can tolerate is a pop tart.
    Get Cambi out in the field and let someone else co-host with Tina, Someone that brings some class to the newscast like Ashley or Alesa Beccara who I really like.

  22. free sex says:

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  23. MARIE HUNT says:

    miss s silver needs to calm down. her loudness is most annoying.

  24. Alan Hart says:

    PLEASE install a “Laugh Mute” button for Lisa’s mike. I get flashbacks from WiZard of Oz !!!!

  25. Trent says:

    love you guys, but the guy on the cable tv schedule spoke so fast that we could not get it. It seems as though you got it. Thanks for trying to explain . Trent

  26. Martin Patterson says:

    There is enough coverage of the corona virus on all channels as well as your sister channel, 13. How about letting Good Day proceed uninterrupted. We are getting saturated with virus info, increasing stress and anxiety. Good day is our only escape. Please let it continue its own broadcast. Besides the Trump Pence lovefest is getting to be a bit much.

  27. michele hines says:

    Very disappointed with the guest you had this morning (social worker) 5/16/2020. It is her style of misinformation that is continuing the unreasonable level ‘fear’ that the public is experiencing – and that your show is representing as if it’s fact.

    The use of face masks by the general public has been discussed by many doctors up and down CA – including Dr. Fauci of the CDC. Their ‘professional’ advise and data driven experience is not to use them (unless you have pre-existing conditions that warrant one). These doctors have made it clear that wearing these masks by the general public has no benefit, and may do more harm than good as they compromise our immune system’s ability to improve and counteract disease. Your guest did finally say that she thinks people should use these masks as a public courtesy – BAD ADVICE!

    The only masks that provide any benefit are the masks worn by medical professionals in a hospital/surgical or other medical facility. They are using medical-grade masks, not paper or homemade masks.

  28. Janna Marsh says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t think of naming the kitten in the engine “Catillac”.

  29. Sylvia says:

    Just watching now and the crew is at Dutch Hollow farm in Riverbank. However, it was mentioned Modesto. Dutch Hollow is in the Riverbank City limits. Thanks

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