Daily List: 3 Reasons To Never Wear Shoes in the House
You can divide humans into two groups of people: those who wear shoes inside the house… and those who don’t. It’s a personal choice but you might be about to change your mind. On the Daily List this morning, three reasons to never wear shoes in the house!

Global Winter Wonderland
Global Winter Wonderland is coming back to Sacramento for a fourth season with an exciting new theme – Celebrate Holidays Around The World!

Nov. 11-Jan 7 (weekends & select dates)
Cal Expo
Tickets On Sale Now!!

Ken’s Comic Book Shop
Ken’s comics have been a staple in Rocklin FOREVER, he is opening a new location & is having a big party at the shop. We will show off the new shop! Dan Brereten from “Nocternals” (His comic is ALL about spooky Halloween stuff) will swing by to chat.

Ken’s Comics grand re-opening Saturday
4804 Granite Dr. F3

Dr Phil
On CBS13

Breast Cancer Quilts
The quilts are back and a local hospital has turned into an art gallery! Hundreds of quilters donated their prized possessions to Sutter Medical Center for the 2017 Breast Cancer Quilt Auction. The public can bid on these quilts which are displayed on a few floors through November 4th. Tina is showing us the quilts.

Breast Cancer Quilt Auction
Sutter Medical Center & Sutter Cancer Center
2800 L St.
Through Nov. 4, 7am – 7pm

Belleci Cosmetics
Makeup mythbuster! Do you find yourself doing battle with your mascara in the morning, only to be left with a black eye? What works, what doesn’t and how do you prevent mascara bleeding!! No more raccoon eye!

(925) 648-4011

MacBeath Hardwood
Here’s a good question: why would a hugely successful family-owned hardwood company move from San Jose to Stockton? We’re getting answers.

Now Open!
2648 Teepee Dr.

The Hyster Sisters
Don’t know about the Hyers Sisters? You need to!! A new documentary premiering on KVIE thNovembermber sheds light on their story and today we’ll meet the local actress who directed it!

‘Guy’s Big Project’
Megastar chef Guy Fieri will be live from Santa Rosa where he started it all!

All-4-one Worship Gospel Concert
Travis Greene just snagged the 2017 billboard music award for gospel song of the year and now he’s lending his musical talents to a special concert aimed at bringing people of different cultures and races together under one roof!! The “all-4-one worship gospel concert” is tonight at Calvary Christian Center! Travis is teaming up with contemporary gospel artist Jamie Grace for the event!

Tonight (Oct. 27)
Calvary Christian Center
2667 Del Paso Blvd.
Tickets: http://all4oneworship.eventbrite.com

Manly Minute: 5 Post-Run Mistakes
While running can become routine after a certain amount of time, there definitely are ways you can sabotage your workout efforts if you do certain things incorrectly right after your run. From my experience of working with runners and athletes over the years, here are my top five worst things to do post-run.
Read more

Hot Chocolate Sisters
Kids these days are the best! Sisters Maya and Kinley raised $288 for Front Street Animal Shelter with their hot chocolate stand! Let’s hear it for these 4-year-old animal lovers!!!
Learn more


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