SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s a movie that inspired millions. The academy award nominated film “Hidden Figures” may become the meaning behind a new charter school.

“One of our previous sixth-grade scholars, Darius Wright, came up with the name in a name that school contest,” said Chandra Roughton, a spokesperson for the proposed Hidden Figures Academy charter school.

“Hidden Figures basically means the people in history who weren’t recognized for the big things they did,” said Darius Wright who graduated from the charter’s elementary school.

“His speech was so powerful, and that’s the exact kind of civics education that we want to provide for our children at Hidden Figures Academy,” said Roughton.

The film profiles the unsung heroes in America’s space race.

“We want to explore hidden and influential figures across all cultures,” she said.

The charter middle school would open in the New Tech high school, a charter run by the district.

Hidden Figures would open its doors to disadvantaged, different ethnic backgrounds, and be hands-on with students while focusing on technology, engineering, art, and math.

“By the time they graduate, we need to prepare them for jobs that don’t even exist yet, so it’s our jobs as educators to give them the best education we can and provide them that skill set,” Roughton said.

Darius graduated from the elementary charter where he even learned Hmong.

He hopes Hidden Figures will continue to help his education excel.

“The environment of the school was just awesome,” he said.

Parents agree.

“It’s instrumental in her development. Right now she’s what they call an AP scholar, above proficient, and we are looking for her to become a doctor,” said Gary Owyoung, a parent, and employee at the elementary charter school.

They’re hoping to help Sacramento’s children achieve the talent and success to become America’s next heroes.

The district is scheduled to vote on the charter in November. If approved, the charter can begin teaching next fall.