SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A bizarre dispute over who owns a family of pigs raised to run wild on a Delta island is taking another turn.

Now a judge is being asked to settle this hog saga once and for all. It’s now all unfolding in court.

“I’m gonna continue on until I get my pigs back,” Roger Stevenson said.

Stevenson is serving legal papers to Calaveras County. He claims Calaveras County’s Animal Services Department illegally seized his pigs from a pigpen in his Arnold backyard and handed them over to an animal rights group.

“I feel a huge injustice,” Stevenson said.

CBS13 was there when the pigs were taken away during a chaotic scene this summer. The animal rights group Farm Sanctuary was also there, but would not answer questions.

Stevenson is incensed Calaveras County ended up giving the pigs to Farm Sanctuary, which initially removed the pigs from a Delta island claiming they were abandoned and in poor health. Shortly after, Farm Sanctuary sued for ownership of the pigs in a Yolo County court.

Calaveras County Animal Services referenced that lawsuit with this statement:

“…without making any determination as to ownership, Animal Services has transferred the pigs to that rescue organization, to be housed and cared for pending the Yolo County courts ruling.”

“You can’t just take people’s property and give it away,” Stevenson said.

Stevenson says he’s never been served with the Yolo County lawsuit.

“Never seen a lawsuit,” Stevenson said.

Now in this story with more twists than a pig’s tale, he’s filed his own court papers.

“I’m coming after them for something that they want and that’s my pigs,” Stevenson said.

This pig property dispute has gone hog wild.

So far, no court date is set for the Calaveras County case. The Yolo County court date is scheduled for Oct. 23.