DAVIS (CBS13) – Davis has seen 15 burglaries in just three months and police say they are all similar.

“The suspect goes up to the front door, knocks on the door, asks for somebody by name who does not live there, and that’s how he determines whether or not somebody’s at home,” said Lt. Paul Doroshov with the Davis Police Department.

Each case has one thing in common: the suspect got in through the window on the first floor. Sometimes the screens had been cut, but in other cases, the windows had been forced open or simply left unlocked.

Two weeks ago, a pet monitor camera captured a man breaking into a home on Farragut Circle, climbing right through the window.

“It’s pretty brazen,” Doroshov said.

And a few blocks away, another break-in happened on the very same day.

“It made me feel really uncomfortable in my own home,” said Annie Ostrander, who lives on Albany Avenue.

She and her roommate returned to their house on September 8 to find one of the bedroom windows wide open.

“Things in my room were disheveled,” she explained. “They went through my room and they stole multiple belongings.”

Davis police have identified a suspect based on the video captured on Farragut Circle. Investigators described him as a black male with dreadlocks, 6 feet tall, and 25 to 30 years old.

Doroshov says police have gotten calls from neighbors about a stranger at their door and soon after, a report of a break-in not far away.

“I hardly lock my doors,” Ostrander said. “This is a safe neighborhood!”

Many in her community agree, but Doroshov says that kind of thinking could put your family at risk.

“They found a few articles of mine, but that’s pretty much all I know,” Ostrander said. “I would like for them to find him!”

Investigators are asking the public to contact them if they know anything about the suspect. And they advise all homeowners to make sure doors and windows are locked before they leave the house each morning.