Public Courtesy
September is National Courtesy Month!– but we could be a whole lot nicer to each other. Social Skills and Civility Expert Rosalinda Russell is back to teach us how to be more courteous in public!

You Can’t Sip With Us End of Summer Wine Tasting
CADA Courtyard
1322 O Street
12-4 PM

Leo’s Amazing Race
Sunday, October 01
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
2701 Prospect Park Dr, Ste 120
Rancho Cordova, California
Call (916) 638-7225

Tinder Kickstarter

Custom Lip Gloss Bar
Belleci Cosmetics
(925) 648-4011

Rembrandt & Rose: Paint & Sip

Manly Minute: 5 MANLY SMELLS
Smells can conjure up powerful memories. The smell of pine needles can take you back to childhood Christmases or the smell of a laundry detergent can remind you of home. For me, there are certain smells that I’ve come to associate with manliness. Whenever I smell them I think of my dad or grandpa or some aspect of my boyhood and my initiation into the rites of manhood.

Farm To Fork Week
In honor of Farm to Fork Week in Sacramento, the Sacramento County Farm Bureau is showcasing the efforts of its member growers.
Sacramento County Farm Bureau
(916) 685-6958

Custom (Bespoke) Furniture
Monday’s Focus is on local custom bespoke furniture for residential and commercial use. Steve Tiller is currently working on pieces for the ice blocks and the new Beast & bounty restaurant.

Reclamation Art + Furniture


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