ELK GROVE (CBS13) – Hate mail left at a popular hair salon in Elk Grove, and, in a separate incident, “KKK” graffitied on an apartment building has residents fired up.

“For somebody to write a letter front and back and put it on my door, it’s pretty serious,” said Sharie Thompson, who owns Dream Girls hair salon on Elk Grove Boulevard.

She has been doing business on that block for nearly 13 years and has never been as disgusted by what was left Tuesday morning: a letter so offensive, we chose to only share a small portion.

The letter included several words of profanity and the N-word.

“‘This was my last time telling you, get out,’ that right there was hurtful,” she said, quoting the letter.

Sadly, she said it’s not the first action of intolerance. And at Wednesday night’s city council meeting, others said the same.

“A friend of mine heard a noise outside of her apartment,” Adri Shelton spoke before a small crowd of people.

She said her friend woke up to “KKK” spray painted on her apartment.

“I’d like to know how long you’ll turn a blind eye to what’s happening in Elk Grove,” she said to the council.

Even Elk Grove’s mayor, Steve Ly, who is of Hmong ethnicity, says he’s been threatened.

“I can completely identify…and these are really issues we need to look at,” said Ly.

While the city is addressing discrimination within the community, investigators hope surveillance video will stop those responsible for this letter.

“This type of rhetoric is not acceptable. It preaches hate and it preaches something that our city does not represent and it does not stand for,” said Officer Chris Trim with Elk Grove Police.

Thompson said not only does she live and work in Old Town Elk Grove, but gives back to the community.

“We are staying and my business is staying here and we’re going to fight and we are not going to tolerate the hate mail,” she said.

Detectives are actively investigating the letter as a hate crime.

Anyone with information about this incident or is asked to call the police.