CBS Local — You might think that you have a friend who’s willing to go the extra mile for you, but they likely pale in comparison to one North Dakota man’s friend who just brought the meaning of the word “friendship” to new heights.

According to, Nathan Howatt, 23, was heading home from a dentist appointment in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota when he decided to airlift a care package comprised of a warm Subway sandwich to his friend Mitchell Wirth, who was on the ground harvesting canola.

Howatt and Wirth documented the successful exchange on Facebook, showing the rest of us, who haven’t flown a friend a hot meal, what real friendship is all about.

“Had to fly to Devils Lake for a dentist appointment this morning, figured I better help out and drop a meal to a hungry buddy on my way back home,” Howatt posted. “Was still warm when he got it lol.”

The sandwich was a Subway melt with pepper jack cheese, ranch, and banana peppers.

The post made local headlines and was shared by Subway itself, commenting “Friendship level: Expert.”A

Accordingly to KVRR news in North Dakota, Howatt was fined by the FAA for flying too low.

The pilot says he doesn’t condone what he did.