Daily List: Shopping Alert! 3 Ways Men and Women Differ at the Grocery Store
Studies have shown that men grocery shop just as much as women now, but the things they’re buying and how much they’re willing to pay for them is still pretty different.
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‘American Assassin’ Stars
Actors Dylan O’Brien and Taylor Kitsch from the new film “American Assassin” join us. The film premieres nationwide on Friday, September 15.

Oakland A’s Fan Giveaways
Saturday, Sept. 9 vs. Houston Astros: Fidget Spinners (10,000 Fans)
Sunday, Sept. 10 vs. Houston Astros: Pink Ribbon Socks in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, presented by Sutter Health (10,000 fans)

San Francisco Giants Giveaways
Saturday, September 16th vs Arizona Diamondbacks: Orlando Cepeda Statue (20,000 fans)
Saturday, September 30th vs San Diego Padres: STAR WARS BB-8 Beanie (20,000 fans)

Capital Cup Golf Tournament
Day 3 @ Granite Bay GC
Come cheer on the golfers!

Products That Give Back
The Give Back Girl Jennifer Shultz shows off products with a cause! All these products are tied to a cause giving to various organizations but for the next few weeks, they will donate to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey relief — some donating 50% of proceeds!

Still Hands-Free
Those hands-free laws that kicked in are still a thing people! Many of my law enforcement buddies tell me you wouldn’t believe the number of people who still don’t get it and the crashes they’re still causing. The gadget experts from the pink spot will be here with tools to keep you safe and ticket-free.

511 W El Camino Ave.
Sacramento, California
(916) 514-1854
Facebook page

Leatherby’s in Elk Grove
Leatherby’s in Elk Grove has created a special flavor for a special-needs kid. It’s called “SuperWy.”

Leatherby’s Family Creamery
8238 Laguna Blvd, Elk Grove
Open today at 11 a.m.

Cal Expo Farm Blue Ribbon
Did you know there is a farm at Cal Expo? Well, there is and it is used for education in the Farm-to-Fork Community. School children take tours to see that their food doesn’t just come from the store.

Emigh Hardware
3555 El Camino Ave.
(916) 482-1900

Santa In September Photos
A local couple gearing up for Christmas early! Every year (this marks their 5th year) the couple creates Christmas months in advance to provide an epic setting for Christmas photos for the kids, pets or whole family!!

Santa’s Enchanted Workshop

Sac Fire Mentors Students
On Thursday, September 7 at 8:30 a.m., the Sacramento Fire Department’s Station 7 firefighters will visit Valley High School in their fire engines to officially meet and greet with the first class of Fire and Emergency Pathway students.

VSP Deploys to Houston
A local company is packing up its mobile eyecare clinic and heading to Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We’re joining them live to send them off.

Manly Minute: When To Spend Top Dollar
In general, a man should strive to live a life of frugality and simplicity relative to his personal means. But following that philosophy doesn’t always mean buying only the very cheapest products and services. In fact, sometimes paying top dollar for something is the best way to ultimately save money and live a simpler life.
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Yoga In Work Pants
Love yoga and work? Guess what? Now you can work in yoga pants! In today’s Mommy Moment, we’ll check out yoga dress pants!! We’ll even put them to the test! A local yoga teacher is in for an impromptu yoga session.
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Yoga As Food


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