SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – Neighbors living near the Ramada Inn where two CHP officers and a sheriff’s deputy were shot on Wednesday say a fourth suspect is on the loose.

Of the original three suspects wanted in Wednesday’s deadly shooting at a Sacramento County Ramada Inn, one has been released, one is behind bars, and another is in the hospital in critical condition. But some people living near the motel have a different story: they say there could be a fourth suspect at large.

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Twenty-four hours after the shootout, investigators were back inside the second floor of the hotel, gathering evidence just feet away from nearby Michaela Carlson’s front door.

“I didn’t sleep last night,” she said.

Now sleepless, curious, and with her binoculars pointed at the motel, Carlson says she saw the shoot-out unfold from her porch at a nearby trailer park. She claims she was distracted by something else: a different gunman jumping another balcony before back-up arrived.

“He jumped and ran before I heard sirens,” she said.

Investigators say there could be additional suspects but aren’t actively searching for them.

Still on edge after the shooting, Carlson’s neighbor Scott Fisher says, “It’s still not over. We got our doors locked.”

He says he sees patrol cars staked out in the back of the motel. Hours earlier, he followed the order to shelter in place, watching out his kitchen window as SWAT teams set up a command post in his neighbor’s front yard.

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“They just started flooding in here to the park,” said nearby resident Dave Nettleton.

Things have since quieted down in the trailer park and the hotel is closed to the public as the investigation continues.

Still worried, Carlson hopes investigators find the missing links.

“There’s someone else still out there. Whether he saw me or not…I definitely saw him,” she said.

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