SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A new strategy to deal with rule breakers at Regional Transit stations is taking on a voice of its own.

RT installed megaphones in more than half of their stations. They’ve been operational since mid-July.

Security cameras are monitored 24/7 on a live feed. Regional Transit agents can speak directly to people at the stations who may be violating rules by smoking, drinking, or loitering.

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The announcements are personal and have caught the attention of some riders.

Passenger David Singleton enjoys seeing people’s reactions. “They kind of be like spooked, like where ‘d that come from, you know what I’m saying, like where that come from?”

According to officials, the public address system has been used about 200 times and with the exception of a few times, people have changed their behavior or left the area.

Singleton says he’s heard the commands several times and they’re direct.

“They see you. they know you,” said Singleton, “they’re watching.”

“We’re getting a very high success rate of people stopping their behavior,” said Lt. Lisa Hinz.

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Hinz is the head of Regional Transit Policing Services.

She says RT has spoken to people through the megaphone about 200 times since July. All of the people addressed have changed their behavior or left the area, with the exception of a handful of individuals.

“People are responsive to realizing that they’re being videotaped and that they’re not complying with the rules of regional transit,” said Hinz.

“It actually makes me feel more secure,” said one woman who frequently rides RT, “there is someone that is already there — you know, on it.”

RT plans to have the public address system operational at all 52 stations by January.

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