Daily List: 3 Tips For Taking Amazing Pictures From A Plane – With Your Smart Phone
Your airplane seat is a great vantage point for taking pictures with your smartphone – so make the most of those few seconds you have to get that shot! On the Daily List, Marianne has three tips for taking amazing pictures from a plane!
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Trainer Honored
One local trainer has been honored in a very special way! Deuce Mason is in Sacramento to find out what makes him one of the elite trainers in the country!

Robert Linkul & John Thomas
Be Stronger Fitness
4:30 Am To 11 Am And 2:00 Pm To 8:00 Pm (Monday Through Friday)
(916) 955 – 1586

Thrift Store Day
It’s National Thrift Store Day! Of course, we need to visit our favorite!!! Thrift Town always surprises us with great finds and they are always up for a fun challenge.

Corpse Flower
Roseville High’s corpse flower in full bloom! We’ll get a peek at this rare (but stinky) natural wonder!

Eclipse Viewing Safety
Ignoring the safety warnings for viewing the eclipse could have MAJOR consequences. VSP network eye doctor Dr. Moos (Mose) has some safety tips on how to view the eclipse without seriously damaging your eyes.

Dr. Gutierrez and Associates
2615 Capitol Avenue

Back-to-School Nutrition
Kids are heading back to school and if you’re busy buying notebooks, pencils, and papers, don’t forget to restock your kitchen with healthy foods and beverages that help kids excel both in and out of school.

Still Need Eclipse-Viewing Glasses?
Get ’em while they’re hot! With the solar eclipse only days away, many folks are wondering where they can get the special viewing glasses! We’ll show you where you can still buy a pair for the whole family.

Solar Eclipse Viewing Party
Monday, August 21
9am – 12pm
World of Wonders Science Museum
2 N. Sacramento St.
209.368.0WOW (0969)

Each For Change
The SSPCA is partnering with Chipotle on Friday, August 18 to raise money for the Sacramento SPCA animals. Here are the deets.

Sacramento SPCA
Adoptions Wed – Sun: 11am – 6pm
6201 Florin-Perkins Road

SSPCA Eat For Change
Greater Sacramento Area Chipotle Locations
10:45am To 10pm
*With Flyer…50% of proceeds to to SSPCA.

Me & You Duo
Me & You Duo is a husband and wife team playing alternate folk, blues, and soul with beautiful harmonies. Check out their upcoming show in Grass Valley.

Naggiar Vineyards & Winery
August 20 1-4pm
18125 Rosemary Lane, Grass Valley

‘K is for Kindergarten’
A is for at last! Starting school is fun with the book “K for Kindergarten.” A local author is here to share her new book!

August 19th Barnes & Noble Birdcage/Citrus Heights 11-1; Avid Reader Davis 3-5pm
August 26th – Barnes & Noble Folsom 11 a..m Storytime
Sept. 16-17 – ScholareShare Children’s Book Festival. FairyTale Town, Sacramento.

Mural Fest
The Wide Open Walls mural festival is taking place from August 10th through the 20th, 2017. It will bring over 40 artists —
local, national and international — to the Sacramento area. This year’s event adds to the region’s already venerable history of mural painting – which has produced over 600 murals over the last 40 years.

Wide Open Walls mural festival
August 10th through the 20th

Manly Minute: Working & Living With Your Spouse
In today’s economic climate and competitive job market, it’s common to hear someone dedicated to their career say they are married to their work. However, there has been a recent upward trend in couples who actually fuse their marriage with their work.
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