CBS Local — An American investment banker says he’s not the suspect who was caught on camera pushing a woman into the path of a London bus. Eric Bellquist was arrested by London police on Aug. 10 in connection with the ongoing investigation into the May assault.

Bellquist is suspected of pushing a 33-year-old woman to the ground on Putney Bridge, forcing an oncoming bus to swerve and barely miss crushing the victim. The incident was captured on a nearby surveillance camera but is reportedly too blurry to positively identify the attacker.

According to CBS News, the bus stopped and passengers came to the woman’s aid. The victim reportedly saw the man crossing back over the bridge and tried to stop him, but he kept jogging. London police said the arrest resulted from a “good response” from the public after seeing the security cam video.

Bellquist’s lawyers say they have proof the 41-year-old could not have been the jogger on Putney Bridge. Duncan Lewis solicitors issued a statement on Twitter claiming Bellquist was not in Britain when the attack happened in May.

Bellquist, who works for London-based private equity firm Hutton Collins Partners, was questioned but not officially charged during his arrest and was later released. Police are continuing to investigate the incident and Bellquist’s lawyers added they expect a “swift resolution to this wholly untrue allegation.”