Teen Talk: Back to Basics
To purchase a book and workbook and to sign up for notification of the online course launch:

Morgan’s Mill
Morgan’s Mill is a new restaurant in Woodland that specializes in coffee, tea, waffles, and wine. With only 2 months under their belt, Good Day is taste-testing their waffles and lattes.

1059 Court St. Ste. 105
(530) 601-1100

Instagram Into Decor
Check out this cool website with popular hashtags on Instagram with home decor.

“Becuzicare” Surprise Party
Pay it forward one party at a time! A local 11-year-old has devoted her summer to planning a surprise party for 150 women and children who are fighting homelessness!!

BecuzIcare11: https://www.facebook.com/becuzIcare11/
Chando’s Tacos: http://chandostacos.com/
Cowtown Creamery: http://cowtowncreamery.com/

Free Zinnias
A local farmer lets people pick their own flowers in his zinnia patch in rural Yolo County!

12410 County Road 99W

Manly Minute: 5 Drive Thru Mistakes
By now, you would think that most of these would be common sense, but in reality, common sense isn’t common at all.
Read more

Rock Party
The people at Whirlow’s are throwing a party that rocks!!! No, really! This party ROCKS!
Everyone is invited to come to this unique rock painting party.
Learn more



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