CBS Sacramento – A massive swimming pool in Canada has turned a rural backyard into the perfect summer hotspot for the farmer who built it and his family. reports Jerry and Marina Leussink of Sundre built a 90- by 70-foot swimming pool that’s become the focal point of the property. The four-year-old pool holds more than 317,000 gallons (1.2 million liters) and varies in depth from ankle-deep to 14 feet when it’s full.

Jerry says he initially left the bottom of the pool as clay, but after weeds started growing up through the bottom, decided to cover the whole thing with plastic liner, going from more of a pond to that of a backyard pool feel.

The pool is kept clean with chlorine and a pumping system.

Jerry and family members also made it look great with rocks and a short fence around the perimeter. They also added a dock.