Show us Your Tattoo
It’s National Tattoo Day, so we want to see your ink! Email pics to

Daily List: 3 Bargains at the State Fair
The California State Fair is now open! We take a look at some of bargains you can get at the fair.

Fridge-Free Summer Snacks
“Fridge-Free Summer Snacking”. Registered Dietitian Mia Syn will feature the latest products/tips to help viewers have healthy, on-the-go, fridge-free snacks that won’t spoil sitting in their bags when they are at the beach or sitting by the pool all day.
@nutritionbymia on Instagram to enter the “Fridge-Free Snack Giveaway”

True You Hair
A local business is making a name for themselves among natural-hair lovers.

5 Bad Spots For Tattoos
Tattoos rock! I love them and have a ton of them to prove it. That being said, there are places I won’t ever get tattooed, six to be specific.The six places mentioned below are bad places to get a tattoo for any number of reasons. Some might surprise you and one spot will down right shock you!


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