Change 4 Good
In honor of a wingsuit pilot who died in 2015, his widow is asking people to do some to support change for good in their lives.

4th of July Fees Waived
The number of stray animals spikes sharply around the 4th of July due to frightened pets escaping their yards. In order to encourage reunification of pets and owners, the Bradshaw Animal Shelter is waiving redemption fees of altered pets and offering altering services and redemption of unaltered pets are a reduced rate.

Fees waived through July 12
$25 adoption special the entire month of July

Hotel Etiquette
It’s the summer travel season, and if a hotel is in your plans, remember, it’s not REALLY your home away from home — so don’t treat it like it is. Social skills expert Rosalinda Russell is back with how to be a good hotel guest, and not the family the rest of the hotel complains about!

Proper Pup Paw Care
A local veterinarian is in the studio to share tips on proper paw care for dogs and unique ways to cool your pets!

Abel Pet Clinic
9098 Laguna Main Street Suite #1,
Elk Grove

Every Girl Counts
Every Girl Counts is a new revolutionary hip hop dance group that empowers little girls and young ladies to have a sisterhood that builds confidence while keeping the girls focused.

Manly Minute: 5 Ways You Damage Your Kidneys
Kidneys are considered to be one of the most important organs in the human body. They are an effective, sophisticated and amazing purification mechanism that work 24 hours to make sure you are fine. Having healthy kidneys are essential for our overall well-being. Therefore, it is very important to keep them in shape and make sure their condition does not deteriorate over time.
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