Daily List: How to Prevent Food Poisoning on A Picnic
Warmer temperatures and eating outside go hand-in-hand, but picnics can sometimes lead to nasty surprises — like food poisoning. On the Daily List this morning, how to prevent food poisoning on a picnic!

A local non-profit teaches kids how to be smart on social media!!!
we’ll meet the group!

Giant Pong Basketball
It all started when Farid was playing toss games (beer pong and corn hole) with his friends at home. There was a basketball game taking place at the same time, so he thought, why not have a game that combines the two things he enjoyed so much?

Perry’s Garden
Perry’s Garden has been one of the most popular farms at farmers markets throughout Northern California. They are known for their super sweet summer corn. They are also well known for their popcorn and their melons. They used to be exclusive farmers for Orville Redenbacher.

Perry’s Garden
Open Daily
3101 El Centro Road
(916) 929-7546
Facebook page

2017 Davis Shakespeare Festival
Veterans Memorial Center Theater
June 22nd – August 6

Upgrade Your Social Media Status
Upgrade your social media status! On this Social Media Day, we are getting tips and tricks from pro!

Check This Out: Nalla Swimwear

Giant Dinosaurs Moved
Preparations are already underway for the California State Fair! We’re live as crews load giant dinosaurs from stage nine’s storage facility and head to Cal Expo where they will be on display for the dinosaur expedition exhibit!

Expedition: Dinosaur
California State Fair
July 14 – 30
Cal Expo
Expo Buildings 4 & 5

Vietnam Moving Wall
The Vietnam Moving Wall is coming back to Stockton! (This will be the third time the wall will be displayed in Stockton) The moving wall is half the size of the original Vietnam Memorial and will be on display at the Weber PointEvent Center in Downtown Stockton from June 29th until July 3rd.

Becoming The Beast
Nicole Chilelli (WINNER OF Syfy’s FACEOFF competition) is the creative force behind James Snyder’s transformation into the Beast! They created a time lapse video of that hour long process and shrunk it down to about 60seconds and it’s pretty cool. We will chat with them about the process and hear what Nicole created especially for James to embody the role of Beast.

California Musical Theatre
Wells Fargo Pavilion
1419 H Street in Sacramento
(through Sunday)

Precision Flight Control
Established in 1990, precision flight controls, inc. Is recognized as a global leader in providing flight training organizations with affordable, high-fidelity, flight simulation components, and systems.

Precision Flight Controls

Graduates’ Shopping Spree
Kids Helping Kids, a nonprofit run by Del Campo High School students, will be hosting a College Bound Shopping Spree for 20 deserving San Juan Unified students who are headed to college in the fall.

Kids Helping Kids

The Best Dog for Your Lifestyle
Finding the right dog for you can be challenging but if you start with the basics surrounding your lifestyle and habits they can lead you directly to the right dog for you.
Read more


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