CBS Local – Everyone loves eating out or grabbing a few drinks, but Millennials may be enjoying these luxuries a bit more frequently than generations before them. A new study by Bankrate has found that Millennials could improve their money management by limiting their food, coffee and alcohol purchases.

The study found that 54 percent of Millennials eat out at least three times a week, 30 percent purchase coffee at least three times a week. and 51 percent go out to a bar once a week.

“Often, it’s the minor, habitual expenses, such as take-out and alcohol, that wreak havoc on your budget,” said Sarah Berger, via a press release. “Small steps, such as preparing meals at home and brewing your own coffee, can add up to big savings over the course of a year.”

Bankrate found in a prior study that just 16 percent of Millennials have a “rainy day” fund, that could cover six months of expenses. Perhaps learning from the data gathered in the new study could help add to that fund for many.

“Money saved from packing lunch and passing on lattes would be a smart investment in building that emergency fund,” said Berger.