CBS Local – Brynneth Pawltro ran for mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky on a platform of “peace, love and understanding.”

Brynneth Pawltro, also happens to be a dog.

While jarring at first, the political success of Pawltro — a three-year-old pit bull — isn’t as trailblazing as it may seem: she’s actually the fourth dog to be elected mayor of Rabbit Hash.

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The town, with a population of 315, has been electing animal mayors since the 1990s. Pawltro’s assistants are Bourbon, an Australian Shepard, and Lady Stone, a border collie.

“She has managed to continue to raise money for the Rabbit Hash historical society to help maintain the historical correctness of Rabbit Hash, give proceeds from her campaign back to local animal rescues, and will be continuing to raise money for local charities in the area,” one of Pawltro’s representatives said, via ABC.

Brynneth Pawltro succeeds Lucy Lou, a border collie, who had an eight-year reign as mayor. Lucy Lou was the first female dog to be elected mayor of the town, and considered running for President of the United States before ultimately deciding not to.