SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The newest members of Sacramento’s dive team jumped in Tuesday night, ahead of this weekend’s heat wave.

Four new divers took part in the training session at the Riverbank Marina and this year, the DART team says there’s a change in operation that will improve rescue and recovery procedures.

As a heatwave closes in, Sacramento’s DART team is gearing up and getting in, training it’s newest divers. Josh Trumbauer is a former firefighter and paramedic. He joined the all-volunteer team last year.

Trumbauer said, “I just really like helping people and being in the water, so it seemed like a good fit.”

With three days of triple digit temps set to kick off Friday, many folks will be in the water. The Drowning Accident Rescue Team says it’s ready to save lives, and now it’ll be able to reach floaters, boaters, and swimmers more swiftly.

Jim Remick, DART training coordinator said, “It’s gonna change the dynamic, the way we do business.”

A slip at the Riverbank Marina was donated to DART to store its equipment. Seadoos, water boards, and a rescue boat will be docked there all summer long.

“Anything we can do to get them on the water to rescues and recoveries faster. This will greatly increase – or decrease- their ability to get to places when somebody is in the water,” said Kelsey Follett with the Riverbank Marina.

DART previously had to load up a trailer with rescue equipment and drive to the marina before launching- wasting time when every second counts.

Remick says the increased access couldn’t come at a better time, as DART prepares to take on what’s expected to be an exceptionally dangerous season on the water.

“Having a quick response team prepared to assist in whatever emergencies is going on, is going to make the community at large safer.”

As always, officials say they can’t stress enough that if you plan to go out on the water make sure to wear a life jacket.

Dart is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in joining the team, visit its website