Laser-Cut Wood Accessories & Leather Goods
Father’s Day is right around the corner and local artist Jake Castro has some unique ideas for you. He creates laser cut wooden accessories and hand-sewn leather goods. He also paints murals in our area. We are showcasing some of his work this morning.
Instagram: @jakecastro1

Fittest CrossFit Team?
One local CrossFit gym is headed to nationals! Deuce Mason is in Dixon to meet some tough competitors!

Chocolate Prune Fondue
Step up that grad party game with a chocolate prune fondue! Say what now?! One of the world’s top chocolatiers is making a stop in Sacramento to team up with the California Dried Plum Board! He’s come up with all sorts of crazy chocolate creations that also feature prunes!
Facebook page

RizKnows App
We featured RizKnows before. They are a website that helps people find the cheapest products online and they make youtube videos testing them out. They just launched their app, making it even easier for you to find good deals.

Check This Out: PinBox 3000

Sizzler Grub Run Kickoff
Grub Run is back with a viewer favorite, Sizzler. Sally Meyer from Sizzler is bringing some of the things viewers can enjoy if they win.

Wheels To Prosper
An auto repair shop recently came across a free car that a client donated to the shop. They are ready to make a lot of repairs with donated parts.
Click here to nominate someone.

Sacramento School Mural Program
A local artist is teaming up with area schools to bring messaging through murals. Markos Egure of Wes Kos Images is live on Good Day to talk about their latest project and how other schools can get involved.

Good Day’s official dog is getting neutered.

Sacramento SPCA
6201 Florin Perkins Road
Sacramento, CA 95828

Cheap Sunglasses
Are this summer’s hottest fashion accessories protecting your eyes? A local optometrist shows us how to get the most protection for those peepers, while still looking stylish!

EYEcenter Optometric
22000 Sunrise Blvd.
Gold River

Celebrity Legal Woes
Craig Ashton is in the studio to talk about the latest and most interesting celebrity legal problems.

Law Office of Ashton & Price
8243 Greenback Ln, Fair Oaks, CA

Taste of Yolo
Taste of Yolo is a festival celebrating Yolo County’s farms, restaurants, wineries, and breweries. The event will feature 70 vendors offering a wide range of tastings, celebrity chef demonstrations, and other activities.

Taste of Yolo
Saturday, June 10
Davis Central Park


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