TURLOCK (CBS13) – Whoever produced the graduation stole for CSU Stanislaus probably wasn’t an English major.

Students at CSU Stanislaus are just a few weeks away from their Spring Commencement. Many students are getting their gear for the day, but there was something a little off about a stole being sold at the on-campus bookstore.

Notice any misspellings?

The misspelled stole. (Source: Reddit user Slelham)

Somehow, “California” has been misspelled as “Califorina.”

Reddit user slelham posted a picture of the typo and, predictably, garnered some snippy comments.

“Your strict adherence to ‘traditional’ spelling is an obvious racist microaggression and you should be ashamed,” wrote user dmedic91b.

“The worst part about it is that you paid a fortune for that misspelled stole,” quipped tintalent, another user.

While other users expressed surprise that a CSU Stanislaus even existed.

“Just Googled it, and apparently it checks out, but I’m very surprised that I’ve never heard of it. It’s the only CSU I haven’t heard of, but it sounds very chill!” wrote user mandrous.

For their part, the school says they didn’t produce the stoles. Officials directed inquiries about the stole to Barnes and Noble Education.

Students who bought the misspelled stoles can come back to the bookstore and switch it out for a typo-less one and a $25 gift card for their trouble, the school says.