Daily List: 3 Mistakes To Avoid In The Dressing Room
In the mood to shop for clothes? Don’t go in like a rookie! On the Daily List this morning, three mistakes to avoid in the dressing room!
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Amgen Tour of California
Stage 2 Start Today
Downtown Modesto

Gold Up For Grabs
This past winter and spring, Mother Nature poured down on us. And while it meant difficult times for some, the aftermath did have benefits. Longtime gold miners say the rains presented them with new opportunities and they expect a renewed interest in the historic and potentially lucrative activity.

Facebook: eldoradogold2016

Jr. NBA Awards
The Sacramento Kings are excited to share that today, the Jr. NBA announced eight semi-finalists for the annual 2016-17 Jr. NBA Coach of the Year Awards.

The Young & The Restless
Los Angeles is about to get a lot more Young and Restless: Fan favorites from daytime television’s most-watched drama THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS will travel from Genoa City to Hollywood for May sweeps.

DIY Design Projects

Bella Vista Sex Trafficking Project
Four students from Bella Vista HS in Fair Oaks teamed up for a class project to tackle sex trafficking in the area. They’ll tell us what they’ve learned, and reveal a hot spot for traffickers that parents and kids need to know about!

Bella Vista H.S. Group
Deadline May 30

The Glass Slipper

Check This Out: Bumbrella
Bumbrella comes in a hipster brief or thong style and three color choices for $48 each. Bumbrella is also supporting the community with a “buy one, give one” to a local women’s shelter in Ohio with every order.

PROMO CODE: BendiwareAnywhere for 10% off

Eat Like The Greeks
It’s the healthiest way to eat that’s delicious too! More than 3,000 studies show that following a Mediterranean-style diet is the healthiest way to eat to not only manage your weight but reduce the risk for chronic diseases.

Here are 5 easy ways to make your diet more Mediterranean:
Enjoy More Plant-Based Foods
Enjoy Bread … and Pasta!
Turn to Seafood
Enjoy Olive Oil and Other Healthy Fats
Enjoy Red Wine …. In Moderation

Sal’s Mosaic Art
Salvador Galvan, owner of Sal’s Salsa Bar, will give us a live demo of his mosaic art. Sal’s is filled with his artwork, from the walls to the ceiling.


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