Cody got coffee with a cop this morning. But this time, it was none other than former Good Day reporter Alan Sanchez. Alan is now San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Sanchez.

Comments (2)
  1. Ivy Wiles says:

    Congratulations Alan! What a surprise ! Never lose your sense of humor.

  2. Tracy B Page says:

    Hey Alan it me TRACY from S&B HOME COOKING on Fremont Street. Mamma has passed, and seeing your face and interview put a smile on my face and good memories too. Still own the property but my uncle got greedy and left me homeless as he kicked me out of my own home in SPANOS on LENA COURT. Well glad to see your smiling face and just maybe you could help me out or at least guide me down which avenue I need to go to deal with my uncle. Thanks and you will be a asset to the community. Your Mother raised a fine and respectable son, God Bless. Tracy Page

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