Check this Out: Bee’s Wrap

Peeps Playdough
You can make Peeps Playdough for kids with extra Peeps.
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Downward Bunny
Forget downward dog! How about downward bunny? This morning we’re getting a preview of this Saturday’s Easter Bunny Yoga.

The Yoga Seed Collective
1400 E St, Ste. B

Off the Clock: Sports Clubs of the Southern Pacific
California State Parks and the California State Railroad Museum are proud to present the “Off the Clock: Sports Clubs of the Southern Pacific” exhibit.

Dress a Girl Around the World
Dress a Girl Around the World is a global organization that seeks to end human trafficking while giving little girls around the world a piece of clothing that’s all their own and something to be proud of as opposed to rags of poverty.

Dress A Girl Around The World

Elk Grove / S. Sac Dress A Girl

Earth Day Desserts
Looking for a tasty way to celebrate Earth Day and show your support for the environment? Chef Laura Kenny shares her favorite recipes, featuring Humboldt Creamery’s organic ice cream and dairy products so you can share your support for Earth Day every day.

Sacramento SPCA
Adoptions Wed – Sun: 11am – 6pm
6201 Florin-Perkins Road

UC Davis Dept. of Dermatology
Dr. Oma Agbai is the new face of UC Davis dermatology as the director of the service for multicultural dermatology and hair disorders.

Fairy Dust Your Food
Sprinkle a little nourish “fairy dust” on your fruit to heal adrenal fatigue. An expert from Meal Garden will show us how to create a sprinkle recipe that naturopathic doctors say is the perfect ratio of fat, fiber, and protein.

Mindfully Edible


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