Car Czar
It seems everyone wants one—the epitome of safety and sophistication.  But is the all new Volvo really worth your interest and money? Doug answers it quickly and unapologetically.

Suitcase Drive
If you’re a fan of shopping from home, put those mad skills to use! United Way’s Women in Philanthropy is once again holding a spring drive for towels, toiletries, and luggage for foster youth. Kids leaving the foster system often have nothing – and this will help them have at least the basics to get from here to there!

Suitcase, Towel & Toiletry Drive
United Way Sacramento
10389 Old Placerville Road
Amazon wish list

Check This Out: You Vee Shield
You Vee Shield are gloves that block UV rays during gel manis and pedis. Are they worth it? We put them to the test.

Truck Tracker: Auburn
This morning the Truck Tracker is sending the crews to Auburn where they’re checking in on foothills folks at Auburn Coffee Company and Totally Cool Gifts.

Auburn Coffee Company
1425 Lincoln Way, Auburn

Totally Cool Gifts
218 Washington St., Auburn

Age-Appropriate Facial Hair
Men of every age group are starting to sport beards. It’s become all the rage! But what should a guy think about before growing a beard?  We’ll show you some age-specific trends and guidelines so you can know what’s right for your face and how to keep that beard looking great.

Manly Minute: Save Yourself From Choking
After a stressful day at the office, a night by yourself with a few episodes of Narcos, a couple beers, and takeout is just what you need. But what happens if that orange chicken goes down the wrong pipe? Find out how you can keep yourself alive if that happens.
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