Preservation Coffee
Preservation coffee is one of the coolest little coffee shops in Mo-town and the only specialty coffee joint in the area. From coffee tasting to some amazing coffee brews, and of course coffee art! They recently celebrated 4 years of pure coffee bliss, and today we’re checking them out, and seeing what they can brew up.

1030 J. St. Modesto

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Allergy Tea
With all this wind, a lot of people have been complaining about allergies.  We found out there are a lot of remedies people swear by but one of them is new and has the people of Sacramento talking.  We are at All Spicery as they not only celebrate one year in business but celebrate an allergy tea that is helping so many people.

1125 11th St
(916) 389-7828

Zombie Dolls
Creepy dolls with some heart and soul. Debbie Como created the Children of Boggy Hollow after being unable to buy her daughter some pricey demon dolls. But upon realizing she couldn’t afford them, she discovered she could MAKE them. This morning Good Day is live looking at the process, product, AND learning about how she’s trying to give back to those in need.

Who doesn’t love zombies?! We’re live with actors Rose McIver and Rahul Kohli for the 3rd season premiere of the hit CW show “iZombie.” catch it tomorrow April 4th at 9 pm!

Season premiere tomorrow (April 4)
Right here on CW31

Rossi Race Challenge
Indy 500 champ and Nevada City native Alexander Rossi makes a pit stop at Good Day while he’s in town spreading the word about his upcoming race at the Sonoma Raceway! Good Day was the only local station to talk to Rossi the morning after he crossed the Indy 500 finish line! Now we’re putting Rossi to the ultimate test and seeing what kind of skills he has when it comes to slot cars. We’ve scoured the area to “track” down a slot car champ who’s willing to take on the indy car golden boy! The folks from Slot Car Raceway & Hobby Shop in Rocklin are setting up some of their toughest tracks!!

GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma

Sept. 15-17
Sonoma Raceway

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Slot Car Raceway & Hobby Shop
6831 Lonetree Blvd # E102

The Budgetinista
Meet The Budgetnista! A former pre-school teacher turned personal finance expert, Tiffany Aliche has made it her passion and dedication to help women improve their personal finances. She does this through the Live Richer Challenge and financial education seminars, workshops, curricula, and training. We’ll take a quick quiz to see if we’re “debt-smart” — and offer tips to reduce debt and increase your ever-important credit score!

Safety and Social Networking
In this day and age with social media, there is a lot of things both parents and their kids need to be conscious of.  The Roseville Police Department is hosting a discussion about keeping everyone safe, but online and in the real world.  We are getting some tips ahead of the discussion on Wednesday.

Safety and Social Networking, Online and In the Real World
Wednesday, April 5
5:30 PM-7:30 PM
Maidu Center in Roseville
Featuring the Roseville Police Department and Roseville CrimeStoppers

Conscious Creamery
Hey, Vegans! Listen up! Looking for that creamy goodness of a gelato without the dairy? We’ve got just the place. Conscious Creamery just opened up at the end of last year and they’re killing the cool treat game. Good Day is live for a look at how it all comes together.

(916) 407-1175
*Instagram: @consciouscreamery, Twitter: @consccreamery, Facebook: @consciouscreamery

Pie Pops
If you’ve ever had a piece of pie and wished it was on a stick, the wait is over. We are showing you pie pops.

BAK Family Farm
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Manly Minute: 5 Things Killing Your Hair
Those who have it, love it. Those who don’t, miss it. And those who are in the process of losing it, well, they’ll do anything to keep it. We’re talking of course about hair. The easiest thing might be to blame your parents for that thinning crown you own, or the balding scalp. Yet not all causes of hair loss trace back to your gene pool. So for the sake of not being cut out of the will, cut your parents some slack. You’ll actually be surprised to learn that there are dozens of reasons for it. And, while some are a little less common than others, it’s still important to understand how one loses their hair and how it’s linked to their overall health.
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