Daily List: 3 Ways Work Interferes With Your Sleep
Is your job interfering with your sleep? A new survey shows that some people’s jobs actually keep them up at night! On the Daily List this morning, three ways work interferes with your sleep!
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The Bee Box
Address: 4765 J St, Sacramento
Phone: (916) 475-1828

Childhood Treasures from the Toy Box
Open Tomorrow-June 30
11am-4pm (Closed Mondays)
Museum of Wonder & Delight
905 Leidesdorff Street
(916) 985-4871

Internet Privacy
Last year the FCC passed a series of rules for how Internet Service Providers deal with their customers’ data, limiting their ability to track and sell information about customer’s online activity. On Tuesday, the House passed S.J. Resolution 34, nullifying the FCC’s privacy rules. Our resident Nerd Ryan Eldridge from Nerds on Call is here to talk about what this means to your online experience.

Nerds on Call
4315 Marconi Ave.

Owl Cam

Once On This Island
57 Students Coming Together To Create A Musical Inspired By The Book “My Love, My Love” The Theme Is About Overcoming Prejudice And Finding Love.

Once On This Island
Playing March 30th Until April 7th

I’m Cute…Adopt Me
Sacramento SPCA
6201 Florin Perkins Road

Facebook Stories LIVE!
Earlier this week, Facebook rolled out a new set of SnapChat-like features, including “Stories.” Our resident Nerd Ryan Eldridge from Nerds on Call is here to show us why this vanishing daily video feature will get you sucked into back into Facebook.

Nerds on Call
4315 Marconi Ave.

Check This Out
ShowOff Super Mount

RUMI X Activewear

Sacramento Book Launch Party
It’s been a blog for while…Now it’s a book!! A real book!! It’s not a book with instructions or tips…It’s a love letter to mothers everyone reminding us…We are not alone!

$ 20.00
The Magic of Motherhood book launch celebration!
April 2, 2017, from 4-7pm at Studio 817

Manly Minute: You & Your Allergies
You know the basics on how to avoid becoming a sniveling, sneezing, snot-filled mess once allergy season rolls around: You take your meds before your symptoms crank up, you keep the windows closed, and you avoid exercising outside when the pollen count is high. So why do you still feel crappy? Turns out, you might unknowingly be doing something or a combination of little things that might actually be making your symptoms worse.
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Concerts In The Park
As the weather is heating up, get excited about Concerts in the Park. It returns May 5th through summer every Friday and today there is a big announcement of the lineup. You can grab some lunch and check out who is going to be a part of the free summer music festival. This morning we are there as they are setting everything up.

Concerts in the Park Lineup
Lunch + Launch
Cesar Chavez Park
11 am to 1 pm


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