Whatever the reason – a bitter election, the loss of pop icons – in 2016, more Sacramentans sought out digital coupons to stretch their budgets and, perhaps, to make themselves feel better than they did in 2015. Shoppers in D.C., selected more than 23 million digital coupons in 2016, totaling more than $31 million in savings and overtaking Orlando as number one for the first time in the seven-year history of the index. All told, Quotient in 2016 delivered more than 2.4 billion digital coupons.

D.C., area residents weren’t the only ones inspired to save more last year, as Raleigh/Durham, NC climbed from the 9th most frugal city to claim the #4 slot. This region selected more than 4.4 million coupons in 2016. Other cities that took saving more seriously last year include Dallas, TX, which climbed from #15 to #5 in 2016, while Boston moved up to #12 this year after reaching the #16 spot in 2015. Chicago, Sacramento and Houston all made the top 25 after not placing in the 2015 list. However, with all that took place in 2016, saving money was not at the top of everyone’s mind. Atlanta fell to #10 from #5 in 2015 and three cities fell off the list this year completely: Denver, Columbus and Las Vegas.

This year’s other top 25 frugal cities include Philadelphia, PA (#11), Boston, MA (#12), Kansas City, MO (#13), Houston, TX (#14), New York, NY (#15), Indianapolis, IN (#16), Providence, RI (#17), Pittsburgh, PA (#18), St. Louis, MO (#19), San Francisco, CA (#20), San Antonio, TX (#21), Cincinnati, OH (#22), Sacramento, CA (#23), Milwaukee, WI (#24) and Chicago, IL (#25).

“The Most Frugal Cities list from Coupons.com demonstrates that shoppers throughout the country are using coupons to stretch their dollars,” said Jeanette Pavini, Coupons.com Consumer Savings Expert. “People work hard to earn a living, want to get the most out of their money, and they are saving hundreds of dollars a year by using digital coupons.”