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EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — A homicide victim was found at the home of a student who brought a gun to school on Thursday.

Ponderosa High School officials found a student in possession of a loaded firearm and alerted the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office. The student was placed under arrest.

No students were harmed at the school.

Later in the day, investigators found a body in the Shingle Springs home where the student lives. Investigators have not identified the victim or the cause of death. They have declared it a homicide.

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Everyone is stunned.

“I just came here to pick him up to take him to a movie,” said Herschel Leffler who showed up to the teen’s house to find crime tape.

He had no idea the teen arrested for having a gun on campus was the boy he mentored for the past seven years.

“I don’t know what to think,” he said.

Much like the rest of the community.

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The school district sent home an email Thursday morning to alert parents that a School Resource Officer discovered the teen had a loaded gun on campus.

“I called my kids right away and said ‘what is going on at school?’ and they were like, ‘(He’s) some really nice kid who is a good kid,'” said Brandy Johnson, a parent at Ponderosa High.

The neighbor tells CBS13 the woman has been missing for a few days. Then this morning, her body was discovered in the backyard.

“I talked to him a couple days ago and he picked this night and I said how about Wednesday or Thursday to see Star Wars,” said Leffler.

He told us the 16-year-old lived with his great aunt and uncle. He was a varsity cross country runner and in his eyes a good kid. He said it’s a wonderful family and can’t imagine what led to this tragedy on Neef Lane.

The teen and the woman’s  husband have been questioned by authorities.