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Deuce and Morgan discuss the teacher who has a “No KD Zone” (5:25), what athlete they’d want as their life coach (9:30) and the former player who says Brady is not a Top 5 QB (16:20). They also discuss if Justin Tucker was lying about being able to hit an 85-yard FG (19:05), Mark Cuban had some things to say about the Kings (24:32), the new Kings who were voted best teammates by their respective teams (26:50), Jon Lester’s return to Oakland and if he deserves to get booed (30:40), Cespedes golfing too much (37:20), Michael Phelps says he didn’t even try hard when he won 4 gold medals in London and they discuss his comments (39:25), and they cap things off with Blake Griffin as a stand up comedian. Morgan wasn’t impressed (45:10).