Daily List: 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Abe Lincoln
Since it’s Abe Lincolns birthday, Marianne has 3 things you probably don’t know about him!

Phil Keoghan
We will be chatting live with Phil Keoghan about a new season of “Amazing Race” that is going social!

Archery Tag
Melissa’s got her competitive juices flowing and is live in Grass Valley getting her agression out on the archery field!

Diamond Arrow Archery Tag
(530) 265-3295

Check This Out: 2016 Product of the Year Winners
Courtney is checking out some of the 2016 product of the year winners!

Step Challenge
Good Day’s Walk This Way to a Happy Place Step it Up Challenge pits several members of Good Day against each other!

How Rich People Think
We are going to show you how to train your brain to get the money you want!

Johnny Cash Birthday Bash
Heather is getting a preview of Johnny Cash’s 5th Annual Birthday!

Valentines Ideas for Guys
Heather is at Bass Pro Shop getting Valentine’s Day ideas for guys!

Atmospheric Photo Exhibit
A local exhibit includes several photos of iconic Northern California landmarks and Nha is checking it out!

Second Saturday Opening Reception: Tonight 6pm-9pm
Exhibit Runs Thru March 8
1021 R Street, Sacramento
(916) 212-4988

Fill The Boot
We are pairing up with a local fire fighter and challenging other TV and Radio stations to see who can fill the boot!

Sunrise Market Place
February 11-14
*Media Challenge Friday, Feb 12 from 9-9:30am*

Manly Minute: Reasons Men Love V-Day
Ken has 5 reasons men secretly love Valentine’s Day!
See the list

Step Challenge Mall Walking
Cody is kicking off the challenge by walking in the mall!


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