Daily List: 3 Good Reasons to Drink Green Tea – And How to Choose It
We’ve heard a lot about the benefits of drinking green tea lately! It truly does have some wonderful effects on us, from anti-oxidants to good ol’ caffeine!
So on the daily list this morning, three good reasons to drink green tea!

Catch Your Dream Workshop
Pinterest wedding worthy on a pennies budget? A local photographer is creating a dream wedding workshop to teach you how to create over the top wedding images different than anything you’ve seen before!
August 5th and 6th

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Try Before Buy Fitness
Try before you buy fitness! You want to join a gym but not sure it’s a good fit! We’ve got a solution!
Transcend Fitness
Open Monday-Saturday
500 9th St. Suite G
Transcend Fitness: http://www.TranscendFitnessModesto.com/

Pro Water Skier
Brian Detrick is a professional water skier who has been competing since he was four years old. He was one of seven in the world to get invited to the 2015 masters in May. We are on the lake where he practices and finding out what it takes to be a professional water skier.
Competing locally Sept 19 & 20
Bell Acqua Lakes in Rio Linda

Jumping Fitness California
What kid (or kid at heart) doesn’t love a trampoline? The latest fitness craze is transforming the fun toy into a serious workout machine!

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Second Chance Bird Rescue and Rehab
Donna Costley spends her retirement checks rescuing, rehabbing and saving abused birds. She bought 5 acres of property in Wilton to build the rescue center where she has birds that have almost no chance of being adopted – but she needs help funding a permanent bird house for her permanent residents.
West Coast Division
10815 Alta Mesa Rd.
Wilton, CA

The Livelies

Manly Minute – Working On The Road
I’m all for actually unplugging when you’re on vacation. If you’ve put in for PTO and your boss assures you that you’re covered, go ahead and spend your upcoming flight engrossed in a good book.
But for everyone else-for the commuters, the super-commuters, the people on a business trip-your work won’t wait!

Bike The Mile
Wednesday, July 22
1926 Pacific Ave

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Go Vegan Burger
Surprise, it’s vegan! Now you truly can enjoy a burger without the meat and today we show you how!
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Twitter: @SweetEarthFoods
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