Thriller Dancers

Thrill The World is the annual simultaneous dance of the Thriller. Each year groups of people get together to learn the Thrill the World version of the dance. This morning we are hanging out with some local dancers hoping to be part of this moment!

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Thrill The World Day is Saturday, October 25th

We dance at EXACTLY 3:00 PM

Creative Connections Arts Academy



Disney On Ice: World of Fantasy

Disney on Ice: World of Fantasy features all your favorites in a thrilling performance! Today for the first time Good Day is talking LIVE EXCLUSIVELY with Cars’ Lightning McQueen and Mater!

Today – Sunday

Sleep Train Arena



Check This Out

This Halloween, let your favorite ghouls and goblins be the talk of the town. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party, collecting candy in the neighborhood or just getting into the Halloween spirit, you can get your crew trick-or-treat ready with these creepy/tacky/spooky products.


Early Bird Ski Deals

Snow-capped savings for ski season! TravelZoo senior editor Gabe Saglie is live from snowbird resort in Utah!


Gourmet Herbs & Spices

We’ve got a gourmet herbs & spices expert who will chat with us about different herbs and their unique flavors (including harder to place herbs/spices like marjoram, cardamom, etc.) Then show us a few meals using those herbs/spices.


World’s Largest Corn Maze

The Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon has always had the world’s biggest corn maze… now they have broken their own record.  It was 40 acres now it’s more than 60 acres!

Cool Patch Pumpkins

6585 Milk Farm Road, Dixon

Open until Nov. 2nd


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Industrial Fright

These guys used to own the Fright Factory, they stopped doing it for a while, raising some kiddos and got the bug to start up another haunted house!

Open Oct 23,24,25, 28-31  5:00-9:00 Tue-Thurs, 5:00-10:00 Friday and Saturday. Cost: $10 recommended ages 10+

916-SCARE-ME  (722-7363)


Laguna Creek Spoof

Are you weird? “Good Weird” is local high school performance showcasing how being different is a good thing! Melissa’s live at Laguna Creek High School peeking in on a rehearsal ahead of their big stage debut!

Laguna Creek High School

“Good Weird”

Nov. 6-8, 14th and 15th

(916) 683-1339


Gamerz Phunk Lab

Brand spanking new game store in Natomas. You want the new Batman Ahrkam, yup they got that, Need the new Uncharted, yup they got that. Couple local fellas are living the dream with their own game store!

DBA Gamerz Phunk Lab

4730 Natomas Blvd Ste 130

Sacramento, CA 95835


Throwback Menu

Old Ironsides bar and restaurant in Sacramento is celebrating its 80th Anniversary this year as a family run business. This month, they will be featuring some “throwback” menu items that date back to the 30s. Tina is there to check it out.

Old Ironsides

1901 10th Street




Manly Minute – Why Stress Is Good

Most people associate stress with threatening or anxiety-producing situations that elicit a strong fight-or-flight response, like rushing to meet a deadline, working up the nerve to give a public speech, or encountering a grizzly bear. But from a physiological standpoint, stress is simply your body’s reaction to circumstances in which it feels it needs more strength, stamina, and alertness in order to survive and thrive.  Here are 4 ways stress is actually good for you.


Trash Film Orgy

Trash film orgy has been celebrating bad movies and cult films at the crest theater for the last 14 years, and this year is the final festival!

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